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Connect and Engage 

Social Events | Affinity Groups

Through BHV, members connect and engage, discover and learn and enjoy each other’s company through group activities and affinity groups. As a member-led organization, our program committee-- working with staff—creates events and activities that reflect the shared interests and requests of our membership.  Learn more about the program committee  

There is a charge for some events but some are discounted and some are even free.  Transportation is arranged when appropriate.  

Strictly Social Events
Our members get together frequently -- morning coffee groups for conversation and support, informal lunches in restaurants or even in a member’s home, elegant cocktail parties and fun holiday celebrations.  We mail a monthly calendar of programs and events to all members.

Check out the BHV Calendar for upcoming events 

Affinity Groups
Groups are organized and led by members who have special interest in an activity or topic such as reading, travel, politics or art.  Members gather together usually on a weekly or monthly basis.   

The possibilities for affinity groups are limited only by members’ interests and enthusiasm.

Check with our staff to find out more about joining one of these groups, or for assistance with starting a new one.   
Call 617-723-9713 or email

A sampling of affinity groups:

  • Men’s First Drink  members explore bars around Boston on the first Thursday of every month 
  • Terrific Tuesdays attendees gather to discuss the current art scene in Boston
  • Second Cup participants discuss current events and politics
Other groups explore:
  • Books and Literature
  • Knitting and Stitchery
  • Travel 
  • Walking 
  • Meditation
  • And more…

Affinity group meeting times and dates are listed on the event calendar

Read more about our affinity groups 

Our programs are ever-changing. To see upcoming activities over the next few months 
check out our  calendar.

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Questions, Call 617-723-9713 or email