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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to live on Beacon Hill to join?

No! Beacon Hill Village welcomes residents of Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway/Kenmore, Downtown, the North End/Waterfront, and the South and West Ends. With some exceptions we have members outside these neighborhoods. Please call us to discuss. 
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What is included in my membership fee?

As members, we enjoy access to a great wealth of information and advice simply by calling the Village office. Activities that are open without charge include social gatherings, walking groups, health and wellness programs, and "Conversations With", a series of small group lectures with Boston notables. The Village also offers access to many free interest groups conducted via Zoom including book groups, movie groups, crossword puzzle partners, and coffee groups. These affinity groups are created by members  based on shared interests.

The office also arranges some free services, such as an escort home from a medical procedure when required by a doctor. Volunteers provide some services at no cost, and other providers offer members a discount. 

For a nominal fee the Village offers fitness and yoga classes and grocery shopping and delivery.

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What if I need something that you haven't mentioned?

Just call Beacon Hill Village. We will work with you to find an answer to your question or need. From years of experience, we have a long and varied list of resources, service providers and volunteers. Our staff is skilled at researching and identifying new resources. We often hear members say, "I didn't know the Village could do that!"

How can I help others join? 

On occasion, individuals have given the gift of membership to a friend or family member. In such cases, we urge both the individual and the prospective member to talk with Village staff to ensure that there is a match between the needs and interests of the prospective member and the village programs and services.  

Why should I join if I don't need services?

Most of our members are healthy, active and engaged and join for a variety of reasons. We enjoy the programs and activities, the convenience of going to one source for all kinds of information, referrals and resources, and the opportunity to connect with others in our neighborhoods.  Finding and creating social connections is especially important for those who recently moved here, lost a spouse or partner or experienced other life changing events. In addition, some of us join because we need some help unexpectedly or because we want to be prepared for later.

Can the Village help in an emergency?

The Village staff is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and can often address a need on short notice. In a medical emergency, the first call should still be to 911 or your physician. The Village can, however, help with changed circumstances in many ways. We can, for example, help to arrange for home care providers, case managers, and medical escorts. We also can find volunteers to pick up prescriptions or run an errand.

What if I wasn't sure I wanted to make a commitment and wanted to 'try out' the Village? 

There are opportunities to join some activities as a guest, such as our BHV Walking Program. As well, we have a one-time six-month membership that gives you access to all our activities and services that you can try and see if the Village is a good fit. 

Questions? Call the Village office at 617-723-9713 or email us at