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The Creative Kitchens Tour was just weeks away from being one of our most successful tours ever but Beacon Hill Village made the decision to cancel this year’s Tour, to do its part in the nationwide effort to combat Covid-19 and keep communities safe and well.  We are still actively engaged with all the members of the Village to keep them safe and virtually connected until the time comes when we can all be with one another again in person.


Though not the same as walking the streets of Beacon Hill to view kitchens in homes that span the years from 1840 to the early 1900s (with a secret garden thrown in for good measure), we have prepared a virtual Creative Kitchens Tour book to give you a glimpse of the Tour that was planned for 2020.  We hope that this gives you a taste of things to come and we welcome you to join us for next year’s Tour.

Please click on the booklet for your virtual Creative Kitchens Tour: