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Date: 3/15/2020
Subject: Letter from the Board of Beacon Hill Village
From: Gina Morrison

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March 15, 2020

Dear BHV Members:

As a community of older adults, we are at particular risk of infection from the COVID-19 virus. Amid the daily reports of new cases and calls for social distancing, we have been trying to strike a balance between protecting each other and continuing all the programs and events that make us the community we are.  We believe the best way to protect each other is to do our part to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 spread in Boston.  So, the Beacon Hill Village Board has decided that this balance, for now at least, requires suspending most programming through the end of April, effective immediately.  Cindy’s exercise classes will be suspended at least through the end of March when we will reassess the situation.  Please continue to check the online calendar for changes to programs and events.

Beacon Hill Village is much more than its programming.

• The Village remains open for business.  As always, we welcome your calls and requests.  Staff may be working from home.  We urge you to email questions and requests to which all staff can access for the fastest response but phones will be forwarded to staff so don’t hesitate to call.
• Grocery shopping services will continue as scheduled.  This includes trips to stores and volunteers shopping for you.  We are working with our volunteers to make sure they and you are protected by washing, cleaning and wiping.
• Member services will continue to work to meet your needs. 
• Ride services will continue.  Again, we are working to maintain the highest levels of hygiene. 

The COVID-19 virus poses a serious challenge but it also presents an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to each other and to strengthen our community.  It is a time to strengthen ties, to reach out to others in greater need and to ask for help if needed.  It is a time to get creative about using technology to connect with each other and to get our programming back on track.  And then there’s just picking up the phone to talk with friends.  If you have ideas or wish to volunteer now is a great time.  Please contact

The Board, its committees and staff are all committed to doing everything possible to keep our members safe and connected to each other and to the services and programming they want.  We will continue monitoring and reassessing the COVID-19 situation, making whatever adjustments are required in programming and services, always with an eye to restoring what we can, as soon as we can, consistent with the health and safety of BHV’s members and staff.

Be well!