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Date: 3/23/2020
Subject: Update on New COVID-19 Actions
From: Gina Morrison

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March 23, 2020



Dear Members,

Governor Baker is urging all residents of Massachusetts to stay at home, to blunt the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Baker said the stay at home notice is advisory, not mandatory, as people need to get to work at essential businesses or go to places like grocery stores, pharmacies, or hospitals or health care providers.  But he underlines that public health and safety mean all residents should stay home and avoid unnecessary activities.

The governor is also ordering all non-essential businesses to close.  Essential business allowed to stay open will include grocery stores and pharmacies.  See the appendix for more detail.

Both the stay-at-home advisory and the business closure order take effect at noon tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24.  They will both be in effect until April 7 though, of course, this date may well be extended.

The governor’s announcement doesn’t change much for most BHV members.  Grocery stores and pharmacies will still be open.  Many restaurants will continue offering takeout and delivery services.  You can still go outside and get some exercise.  BHV is exploring whether it can expand its grocery shopping services.  Stay tuned.

Beacon Hill Village’s COVID-19 response team will soon be issuing and then frequently updating information to help you to shop for food, to know which local restaurants offer takeout or delivery, and to get groceries or restaurant food delivered.

Watch your computer for response team information soon about keeping in touch with other BHV members and about online resources that might entertain, inform or inspire you!  And feel free, as always, to make suggestions about what information you need to navigate these worrisome days.  Send any such suggestion to BHV at

Be safe!  Be well!

Gina Morrison

Executive Director on behalf of


The COVID-19 Response Team – Doug Fitzsimmons, President; Karen Garvin, Vice-President and Chair of the Coordinating and Program Committees; Betsy Peterson, Board Member and Secretary; Joanne Cooper, Chair of the Services Committee; Stephen Roop, Board Member; Barbara Roop, Chair of LWEW Committee; and Gina Morrison, Executive Director.