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Date: 3/26/2020
Subject: Get Started Connecting to Your Village Community
From: Beacon Hill Village

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March 26, 2020

Hello Beacon Hill Village Members,

We'd like to tell you about one of the exciting things that is happening at the Village. We are going to start hosting events on the WEB.  We are looking to host the Total Fitness exercise program, the Travel Group and Conversations With..., among others, on the internet. To do this we are using a program called Zoom.    

We will be announcing programming soon but if you want to get a jump on using Zoom and installing it on your device here is the way to go.

The steps to participating are fairly straightforward.  First, you need the right kind of equipment. To get the full audio and video effect of Zoom, you need:

  • a computer (Mac or PC) with a connected camera, a smartphone or a tablet.  If you can take a selfie on your phone or tablet you have a camera.  You probably have one if you have a laptop--it’s the little pinhole above the screen.  A PC or Mac may have one in the monitor or there may be a separate camera: if you can do Facetime or Skype with video, you are all set.
  • a microphone to talk into.  Smartphones, tablets and laptops should already have them.  A desktop PC, if it has one, is probably a standalone device. A Mac PC could have either an integrated or standalone mic.  If you can talk to Siri or someone else that lives in your computer you are good to go. 

If you are using a smartphone or a tablet you need to go to your app store and install the Zoom Cloud Meeting. Once installed, open the app and signup for a free account.

If you are using a PC go to the web page and sign up for a free account.


Now to finish the installation of Zoom, you need to join your first meeting.  So once you have successfully signed up for your free account, email the office:, and tell them.  The office will then send a meeting notice to you inviting you to your first Zoom event. 

Because things can go wrong, if you have trouble or have any questions, please let the office know by email:, and someone will get in touch with you.

That’s all you need to take part in a BHV Zoom event online.

Zoom does a lot more and we will be helping you explore these additional features at another time.

Looking forward to seeing you soon on Zoom!


The COVID-19 Response Team – Doug Fitzsimmons, President; Karen Garvin, Vice-President and Chair of the Coordinating and Program Committees; Betsy Peterson, Board Member and Secretary; Joanne Cooper, Chair of the Services Committee; Stephen Roop, Board Member; Barbara Roop, Chair of LWEW Committee; and Gina Morrison, Executive Director.