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Date: 4/3/2020
Subject: News You Can Use - April 3, 2020
From: Beacon Hill Village

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April 3, 2020


Beacon Hill Village Members,

While our daily lives continue to be impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, BHV is actively working to bring you necessary information, and launch new programs and add services. Please see this week’s updates below. If you have missed any of our earlier emails, please check this link on our website to see the ongoing list of communications from the Village Response Team.

The Village is starting to Zoom together. Many of you have already signed up for a Zoom account or are already using it. If you would like more information regarding joining a Zoom event, or help getting set up, please email We are also looking for members who are comfortable with Zoom to help other members get on board. If you would like to help, please send a note to the same address.

Week One of Zoom Fitness Classes Successful: This week we launched fitness classes with Cindy Sullivan using the Zoom online video application on Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00am. If you haven’t tried the class and would like to learn more, please email There will be no charge for Zoom classes for April and May.

Zoom Tea Party: On Wednesday at tea time, BHV member, Joan Doucette launched her premier Joan's Zoom Tea Party.  Joan, wearing a striking hat, kept her several guests involved in chat ranging from how everyone is coping to various crafts projects they were doing.  We're hoping to persuade Joan this should be a regular program!  Allie Godsey, Program Coordinator, managed the event for BHV and everything went smoothly:  all Joan's guests, many new to Zoom, got Zoom access easily. Thanks to all.

Week One of the Phone Tree Successful but We Need Your Help! Thank you to the 34 members who started this week connecting with members in the BHV Phone Tree Program. Feedback from both the volunteer callers and members called has been positive, and people are feeling more connected to the Village. We would like to reach across the membership base, but we can’t do that without the help of more volunteer callers. If you would like to make a few (2-3) calls to members, please email We will also send you tips and instructions on making the calls. If you haven’t received a call yet, and would prefer not to receive one, please send a note to the same email address.

Grocery Services Expanded: As more members are staying at home and out of grocery stores, we have expanded our grocery services through the addition of Thursday as an additional day for delivery. Please email for more information.

Face Masks: It is likely that CDC will be changing its guidance to encourage the use of non-medical masks by the general public. Most experts agree that a universal mask policy can help slow the spread of COVID-19.  They all agree that wearing a mask is not a substitute for social distancing, frequent handwashing, wiping down surfaces, etc.  For more information on why universal mask policies are being adopted and how you can get one click here.

Taxi Coupon Program Suspended by the City: The Age Strong Commission of Boston has made an announcement that the taxi coupon program is currently suspended. There will be no coupons for April, either for pick-up or delivery. When the program reopens, we will be able to get extra coupons for the months missed. At this point the availability of coupons for May is not yet known, but we will let you know once we are notified.

COVID-19 Readings: We are blessed with two members who are experts in immunology and demographic research who shared their expertise with us through a series of articles and comments on COVID-19. If you missed the email sent earlier, click here.

What’s coming next:

We are in the process of preparing information on arts and entertainment, frauds and scams related to COVID-19 and tips to avoid hackers when using ZOOM. Stay tuned.

Be well, stay healthy.


The COVID-19 Response Team – Doug Fitzsimmons, President; Karen Garvin, Vice-President and Chair of the Coordinating and Program Committees; Betsy Peterson, Board Member and Secretary; Joanne Cooper, Chair of the Services Committee; Stephen Roop, Board Member; Barbara Roop, Chair of LWEW Committee; Charley Davidson, Board Member, and Gina Morrison, Executive Director.