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Date: 4/6/2020
Subject: Keeping Things Safe With Zoom
From: Beacon Hill Village

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April 6, 2020


Dear BHV Members,


BHV Response to Recent Reports of Zoom Vulnerability.


Recently the popular press has reported on the lack of security in the Zoom Application.  BHV is aware of these reports and has taken the actions required to allow the Village to use the software in a safe manner.


The weakness in the application’s security is in two areas. 

The first is its exposure to “Zoom Bombing.”  This is when an uninvited guest enters a meeting and disrupts it, sometimes with a hateful diatribe or pornography.  Eliminating this threat involves changing some of the default rules on how a meeting is run.  For example, we have now implemented the waiting room feature for entry into a meeting.  Each user that joins the meeting will be placed in a holding area and cannot enter the meeting until granted permission by the holder/host of the meeting.  All of our meetings have unique meeting IDs and are password protected. We never publish our links to the meeting to the public.  All invitations are delivered through individual email. There are several more refinements we have made to our meeting settings.  These changes were recommended by the Zoom Corporation as well as organizations that are Zoom users such as the Anti-Defamation League.

The second area of concern is Zoom’s implementation of end to end encryption. This implementation is not considered up to the commonly accepted standards for such a service.  Zoom has recognized this and is now in the process of upgrading their encryption methods.  They are saying that these change will take two to three months.  This issue is primarily a concern with organizations that share sensitive information, such as corporate trade secrets or personal medical data.  Since we do not use Zoom for any of this type of information we do not believe it is a concern for us.


If you would like any more information or have further questions, please email the office at




The COVID-19 Response Team – Doug Fitzsimmons, President; Karen Garvin, Vice-President and Chair of the Coordinating and Program Committees; Betsy Peterson, Board Member and Secretary; Joanne Cooper, Chair of the Services Committee; Stephen Roop, Board Member; Barbara Roop, Chair of LWEW Committee; Charley Davidson, Board Member, and Gina Morrison, Executive Director.